The Grey Owl Memorial Plaque

flowersBack in 1992, the Directors of The Owl at Clear Lake Inc. decided to pay tribute to some of the Grey Owl tournament’s many friends, participants, contributors and workers who have passed away over the years.

Hence, the establishment of the Grey Owl Memorial Plaque “as a tribute to those who believed in the ideals and the spirit of the tournament and who should always be remembered for their efforts in making it a very special sports event.”

If you should notice that we have missed someone then please send us an email to

The complete list is as follows:

2022Dr. Gord Clark
2021Kent 'Cookie' Gilchrist, Lynn Warnock
2020Tom Goodhand, Bill Kent Sr.
2019Robert J. "Bob" Picken, Boyd Fraser, Barry Hooke, Fleurien Lizotte
2018Laurie Artiss (Grey Owl Founding Member), Don McCaskill
2017J. Frank Johnston, Ed Taylorson, Gord Sorensen, Ralph Bagley, Brian Gilhuly, Jack Borthwick
2016Cecil Edward (Cec) Durnin, Arnold Rose, Harold Stitt, Randy Peters
2015Richard Locke, Thomas Rice
2014James Lyle Moffatt, Jeff MacDonald, Jack Tait, Robert (Bobby) Roe
2013Clive Brooks, J. Hyland Beatty, Randy Davison
2012Glen Sinclair, Kenn Collier, Ken Hart, Frank Gadway, Norman Rose
2011Welland Williams
2010Harold Narvey
2009Dale Esopenko, Richard Kreutzer, Wilf Lee, Glen Morrison, Len Brown, Don Wittman, George Prost
2008Siggi Goodbrandson, Terry Bubbs, Dave Blake, Max Desaulniers, John Shopka, Al Denbow, Bob Clark
2007Jim English, Mike Jones
2006Marty Malcovish, Bill MacCallum, Al Vickery, Roy Kepron
2005Ray Hooper, Lew Heming
2004Hugh Allan, Ray Johnston, Frank Hay, Harry Kabush
2003Walt Cunningham
2002Nick Mickoski, Guy Laliberte, Johnny Lawrence
2000Jack Kullberg, Marcel Gauthier, Art "Boom" Cristall
1999Dick Garrett, Dr. Bud McDiarmid, Ron Fiddler, "Cactus" Jack Wells
1998Albert Trottier
1997Jimmy Wardle, Dave Krucik, Bob Thompson
1996Bill Pinniger, Charlie MacFarlane, Brian Swain
1995Dallas Beck, Anne McDiarmid, Fred Burton
1994"Jumbo" Jim Doyle, Morris Hay, Claire Robinson
1993Bill Burgess, Alex Ferguson, Wally Keep
1966Tom Warnock